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Work and Study Ireland

One of the destinations where the Work and Study program is valid is Ireland, known for its fascinating nature and warm people. Thanks to this program, students have the opportunity to practice English while learning English and also have the opportunity to work. For those searching for language schools abroad, Ireland is a destination that stands out with its quality educational institutions, safe living conditions and friendly people.

The Work and Study Ireland program is a great opportunity for students who want to study languages ​​and work legally in Ireland at the same time. Students who want to participate in the program must choose a language school that suits their language level and educational goals. Language schools provide all the necessary support for students to improve their language skills and complete their language education. Additionally, these schools offer resources and guidance to help students adapt and practice business life.


In Ireland's friendly environment, students gain both education and work experience, while also having the chance to discover cultural riches and make international friendships.

Within the scope of the program, students can earn money by working in Ireland. In this way, they can meet their living expenses while improving their language skills. They can also take advantage of the many opportunities to discover Ireland's rich culture. Students can attend local festivals, visit historical and touristic sites, and discover the natural beauties of Ireland. Through work experience, they acquire not only language skills but also international work experience and the opportunity to build a professional network. This program provides students with an unforgettable experience by offering them the opportunity to actively participate in Ireland's cultural and social life.

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Life Quality


Work Permit


Business Opportunities

  • Life Quality

    Ireland is a country known for its magnificent natural beauty and rich culture. Since it is under the influence of England, Ireland's culture and lifestyle have British influence. The official language is English and the local Celtic language. Dublin is one of the most visited capitals in Europe and many international companies have established their headquarters here. Learning a language in Ireland is supported by the use of clear English and a variety of social activities.

  • Work Permit

    For language school visa applications made for more than 25 weeks, students are given an 8-month (33 weeks) residence permit and work permit. Students have the right to extend the program 3 times from Ireland and stay for a total of 2 years.

  • Business Opportunities

    The Ireland Work and Study program offers students the opportunity to develop work experience and language skills. Job options vary depending on students' preferences, abilities and duration of education. Job opportunities include the restaurant and cafe sector, retail and merchandising, tourism and hotel management. Dublin offers many job opportunities, especially in the technology and financial sectors.

Who Can Participate?

Are you looking for adventure, new people, and different cultures? The Work & Study Ireland program is just for you!


Who Can Participate?

  • Students, recent graduates, and young professionals aged 18-30
  • Individuals eager to learn English and willing to work
  • People who are respectful of different cultures, open-minded, and adaptable


Why Should You Participate?

  • Improve your English language skills
  • Gain the opportunity to work in Ireland
  • Explore different cultures and meet new people
  • Develop yourself and have an unforgettable experience


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Contact our consultants for all your questions!


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