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University Education and Program Selection in Azerbaijan

International students may have reservations about studying abroad due to foreign languages or different cultures. However, such a situation is not possible in Azerbaijan. You will feel at home among the warm and hospitable people in the city where Azeri Turkish is spoken. Azerbaijan Universities are recognized and equivalent by YÖK. It is sufficient for students to graduate from high school to be accepted to Azerbaijan Universities; There are no special entry requirements.


There are departments such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, architecture and engineering and the education periods are the same as in Türkiye. Education is provided in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages at universities. International orientation weeks offer new students the chance to meet other students and faculty in their program, get tips to help with their studies, and learn about university services.


While the rent for a 1+1 furnished house in Baku, the capital and most cosmopolitan city of Azerbaijan, varies between 250-400 dollars, it can drop to 150 dollars in more modest cities such as Ganja. Student dormitories cost between 30-60 dollars per month, and these fees include expenses such as accommodation, electricity, natural gas and water. Food is not provided in the dormitories, but there are common kitchens for students to cook meals. The monthly cost of a student in Baku, excluding accommodation, is at least around 180 dollars, although it varies from person to person.

Visa Process

International students who want to study in Azerbaijan are required to obtain a visa and residence permit. This process starts with the acceptance letter and other documents received from the university. It is important to obtain information from Azerbaijan's official immigration authorities about the visa application process and required documents.


If you requested airport pick-up during your school registration process, your airport transfer will be organized through the school you will attend. Officials from the school will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation.

Social Life in Azerbaijan

Social Life in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, with its unique nature, centuries-old culture and history, is located on the western coast of the Caspian Sea, on the eastern side of Transcaucasia. The capital Baku attracts attention with its rich flora and fauna. Azerbaijan is famous for its lands that attract the attention of archaeologists; Traces of human civilization were discovered 2 million years ago in the Azig cave in Karabakh. Azerbaijan has an old and deep-rooted culture.


Works such as "Kitabi-Dede Korkut", "Oğuzname", "Köroğlu" are known worldwide. Azerbaijan, a bridge between Europe and Asia, plays an important role in the development of political and commercial relations and creates a new economic model in the development of the region. Living and tuition fees are very affordable, and it is possible to explore the diversity and beauty of Azerbaijan. Tolerance and multiculturalism are fundamental elements of the


Azerbaijanis' way of life. As a modern country, Azerbaijan promotes intercultural dialogue and adopts the latest educational trends and innovative tools. Azerbaijan is one of the safest countries in the world. Numbeo statistics database shows that the crime rate is low.

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