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Language Schools in France

France is an ideal country for those who want to learn French, offering a variety of language schools in cities such as Paris, Nice and Cannes. Different programs are available, from general courses to intensive courses with 20 lessons per week.


Accommodation options include homestays, campus dormitories and hostels in the city centre. Homestay is ideal for language practice and cultural experience.

Program and Country Selection

There are many alternative programs for students who want to learn French in France. Some of these consist of programs of universities and others of private language courses. If you want, you can also take internships, certificate and diploma programs. It provides French education in many cities of France, primarily in the capital Paris. Every year, students from various countries around the world choose France to learn French or improve their existing language.

Most preferred cities: Paris, Nice, Vichy, Ambois, Rochelle, Cannes

French, spoken as the official language of 33 countries, is one of the commercially and politically important languages ​​in our country. France is the fourth most powerful country in the world and a very important investment center in Europe. France, which is geographically close to our country, is attractive to students for language education. French, a language with a very wide vocabulary, is definitely a language that will enrich students culturally and enable them to think in multiple ways. During their education, students also have the opportunity to explore France, the culture and art capital of Europe, and then travel around Europe.
You can shape the language education you receive in France in proportion to your needs, preferences and budget. If you wish, you can attend general French courses consisting of 20 lessons per week, or you can take an intensive French course to further intensify your education. You can continue your education at French language schools for periods ranging from 2 weeks to 36 weeks.

France LIFE IN

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  • 02. Visa Process

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  • Accomodation

    Homestay: One of the accommodation options for students who will study language is homestay. The biggest advantage of this is that the student can improve his practical French by speaking with the family and at the same time has the opportunity to get to know the country's culture more closely.
    Accommodation on campus: On the university campus, you stay in dormitories, usually in double or triple rooms. It has advantages such as getting to know university life and benefiting from the school's facilities.
    Hostel accommodation: Students who want to take courses in private big city centers can benefit from hostels. Hostels are generally hostels located in the city center where many students stay.

  • Visa Process

    If your language school education will not exceed 90 days, it is possible to receive education with a Schengen visa. Otherwise, you need to obtain a student visa from France.

  • Welcome

    If you requested airport pick-up during your school registration process, we organize your airport transfer through the school you will attend. Officials from the school will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation.

  • Life Quality

    Students who attend a language school in France can have a pleasant time without getting bored while improving themselves. While most students prefer public transportation for transportation in France. You can also choose to bike or walk, depending on the distance between your language school and your accommodation.

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