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University Education and Program Selection in Italy

Italy is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance and today stands out as a pioneering country in education and science. Italian universities offer a wide range of academic programs to international students. You can study in fields such as fashion, design, engineering, medicine, architecture and business. Undergraduate education usually takes 3 years and master's degree education takes 2 years.


The duration of education in departments such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine may be 5-6 years. The grading system in Italian universities is calculated out of 30 points. More than 300 programs in the country are offered in English. Studying in Italy offers a rich experience both academically and culturally. Whatever field you want to receive training in, we are at your service as Yelken Eğitim.


There are many accommodation options in Italy, but university dormitories are the most economically attractive option. Universities that do not have their own dormitories direct their students to private dormitories close to the school. Dormitory applications are made during the university admissions process, and dormitories generally consist of rooms for 2-3 people.


Dormitory contracts last 11 months. Rental apartments and shared rooms are also common abroad. Universities have special units that assist international students with accommodation. Accommodation fees vary depending on the city where the university is located; Especially cities in the north are more expensive.

Visa Process

To get an Italian student visa, you must first get accepted from an Italian university. To apply for a visa, you must complete the documents specified by our consultants.


The Italian student visa fee for 2024 is around 100 € in total, including the visa application center service fee. There is only one authorized institution for Italian visa applications in Turkey and the visa appointment may vary depending on the city of residence. As ELT, we offer consultancy services on Italian student visas.


If you requested airport pick-up during your school registration process, we organize your airport transfer through the school you will attend.

Officials from the school will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation.

Social Life in Italy

Social Life in Italy

One of the questions that those who want to study at a university in Italy are curious about is "What kind of country is Italy?" is the question. Italy, a Mediterranean country, has great similarities with Türkiye in cultural terms. Apart from the fact that Italians are friendly and hospitable, there are also similarities in their food and beverage cultures. For this reason, Turkish students who go to Italy to study at university do not experience adaptation problems. In the country whose capital is Rome, cities such as Naples, Turin, Milan, Florence, Venice and Bologna are very popular.


The population of Italy, one of the most touristic countries in Europe, is around 60 million. Italy, located in the form of a peninsula in Southern Europe; It borders important countries such as France, Switzerland and Austria. The official language is Italian and the currency is Euro. English, French and Spanish are also widely spoken. Flight time between Italy and Türkiye is approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes.

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Contact our consultants for all your questions!


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