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Australia is a popular destination for studying English language. Cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth offer quality language courses while enjoying modern life and natural beauty. Sydney, with its structures such as the famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge; Melbourne stands out with its cultural events and festivals. Brisbane and Perth are known for their sunny climates and surfing opportunities.

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In Australia, you can explore English courses for international students and study abroad while enjoying sunny beaches and modern city life.



  • We can say that Sydney is the most cosmopolitan city in Australia. Every year, millions of tourists and students travel to the country for sightseeing and education, and they usually start their journey from this city first. The famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge are among the must-see structures.
  • Many language schools are headquartered in Sydney. We can say that it is the most popular city for students. There are many alternatives in terms of work opportunities. While students are studying, they also benefit from Sydney's work opportunities.


  • It is the second most popular city in Australia after Sydney. As it is known, Australia is famous for its abundance of outdoor activities and surfing centres. While it hosts many sports competitions, it is also the European face of Australia in terms of art and fashion. Many festivals and fashion fairs are held every year.



  • Great language schools in a small, relaxing city where you can enjoy the sunny South Coast. Enjoy the pristine natural beauty and sunny weather surrounding Adelaide while studying language.



  • Queensland is the state capital and is called the sunshine city. It is the third largest city in Australia. It is among the cities where especially the Australian population lives. It is home to many famous surfing beaches and holiday resorts. The city has a temperate climate and the weather is almost always sunny, even in winter. Students can easily find many options to work while studying in Brisbane, as in other cities in Australia.


  • It is the fourth largest city in Australia. It is the city with the largest surface area in Western Australia. Its general population remains a minority for this large geography. Therefore, they need a lot of manpower. It is generally described as a calm and peaceful city. Its climatic conditions and general structure can be compared to the state of California in the United States. Students will easily earn their pocket money in this large geography and will not have difficulty finding a job.

Australia LIFE IN

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  • 02. Visa Process

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  • 04. Life Quality

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  • Accomodation

    The Australian education system is internationally recognized. In addition to education, accommodation options are also rich:

    Homestay: The most popular option for language students. Single rooms and dining options are offered to families who have passed security inspections.

    Student Dormitories: Dormitories located close to the school provide advantages in terms of transportation. There are common areas and different room options.

    Shared Student Flats: They offer shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, and you can stay with different students.

    Rental Flats: Preferred especially after getting used to it. Rental rates vary depending on location and size, with room rents starting from Aud 150 per week.

  • Visa Process

    Language education visa in Australia is subject to the student visa that students apply for under the name Student Visa. Applications are made online and the application process is detailed. The visa type can be Student Visa (500 Subclass) or Visitor Visa, depending on the duration of study. Care is taken when examining the application file and the letter of intent is important. Visa fee is 650 AUD. Before applying, you must have a certain amount of money in your bank account. While a visa is issued for long-term education programs, a part-time work permit for 20 hours per week can be obtained.

  • Welcome

    If you requested airport pick-up during your school registration process, we organize your airport transfer through the school you will attend. Officials from the school will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation.

  • Life Quality

    Australia is a country that stands out with its size and offers people a comfortable life with its exotic climate and developed economy. Famous for its beaches, the country offers a safe environment for students and is rich in artistic activities. Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are ideal for artistic activities. Cultural events and festivals are held throughout the year. Its nature is clean and suitable for living. The number of international students is high and it offers the opportunity to meet people from different cultures. Australia's multicultural structure does not include racism.

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