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University Education and Program Selection in the UK

UK universities are one of the most popular options for students who want to study abroad with their modern education environments, centuries-old educational traditions and innovative teaching approaches. Studying at a university in England offers the opportunity to study at the best universities in the world in terms of academics. Home to leading research-focused educational institutions, the UK is one of the most culturally diverse countries. Additionally, it is possible to complete a bachelor's degree in the UK in three years, which means a shorter study period and less cost.

The British education system is divided into undergraduate and postgraduate education. Undergraduate education throughout the UK is mostly three years, although in some technical departments this period may increase to four years. The academic year usually starts in September or October and a three-term education model is applied. There is a long summer holiday that includes Christmas and Easter holidays and parts of July and September. Each semester is ten to fourteen weeks long. Terms are longer for schools and colleges and shorter for universities.

While the British higher education system offers students a rich academic career plan, it also includes various vocational training programs through which they can easily find employment after graduation. It has a special place in the world of international education with its deep-rooted history, advanced technological infrastructure, research opportunities, library and laboratory facilities and world-famous academic staff.


The majority of students studying for undergraduate or master's degrees in the UK stay in university dormitories or private dormitories, at least in their first year. Universities in London, Manchester, Liverpool and many other cities guarantee students dormitory accommodation in their first year.


Students generally prefer dormitories in their first year in order to make friends and get used to the city and university they live in. Many options are also available, such as homestays, rental apartments and private dormitories. However, accommodation costs in the UK are higher than in Turkey when calculated in sterling.

Visa Process

The UK student visa is an official document issued specifically for summer schools and language schools, allowing the person to enter the country and study during the period he/she will study in the UK.


UK student visa is divided into two according to the purpose of stay. For detailed information, it is important to obtain information from the UK's official immigration authorities.


If you request airport pick-up while completing your school registration process, your airport transfer will be organized through the school you will attend.


School officials will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation.

Social Life in England

Social Life in England

London: London, the capital of England, attracts attention with its rich history and magnificent architecture built around the River Thames. The city, which has a two-thousand-year history, is popular worldwide in the fields of industry, finance, art and music. With its cultural diversity and cosmopolitan structure, London is famous for its international restaurants, award-winning venues and lively nightlife. The phrase "The City That Never Sleeps" is often used in the city. The transportation network in London is quite developed and is mostly provided by metro (Underground). The flights start at 5.30 in the morning and continue until midnight. Black London taxis and red double-decker buses, with a taximeter opening of 3 Pounds, are also common means of transportation.

Cambridge and Oxford: Cambridge and Oxford are important cities that reflect the academic atmosphere of England. Oxford University and Cambridge University are among the world-famous academic institutions. Cultural diversity and active social life attract attention in these cities, where the majority of students are made up. Transportation in Oxford is provided by buses and Smart Card is used. In Cambridge, transportation is provided by Multi Bus and cycling is common in the city.

Liverpool and Manchester: Liverpool is known for its hospitable people, historical texture and cultural riches. Known as the birthplace of The Beatles and the home of Liverpool FC, Liverpool is an attractive destination for tourists. Transportation is provided by buses and trains. Manchester is an important city with its cultural, economic and sports effects. Transportation is possible with the free Metroshuttle.

Other Popular Cities:
Worthing, Brighton, Eastbourne, Bournemouth, Hasting and Southampton, located on the southern coast of England, are popular cities for language students. In these coastal cities, which have a warmer climate than other cities, students can enjoy social life while studying. Transportation is provided by buses and those who want to go out of the city can use trains.

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