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Language school in America is the ideal choice to improve your English skills and have an unforgettable experience. Language schools, which appeal to students of all levels with different programs and courses, offer you the most suitable educational environment. Thanks to language schools that offer the opportunity to interact and practice with native English speakers, you can quickly improve your language skills and express yourself more easily. You can receive the education that best suits your needs with various programs and courses such as General English, IELTS, TOEFL, business English. You can build your English knowledge on a solid foundation with the training provided by experienced and expert instructors.

Program and Country Selection

The diversity of American language schools provides students with different alternatives. This provides a language education process that suits the students' budgets and demands. In addition, many language schools provide facilities for students to receive undergraduate or graduate education after completing their language education. In this way, students can receive undergraduate education after language education and return to their country with a diploma, or they can find and work in this country. During your language education in America, you can find the opportunity to research these opportunities on-site and in person.

  • Living in America is cheap, especially compared to England.
  • America is a country with world-famous entertainment centers and stunning geography.
  • You can find hundreds of language schools in the USA that suit your educational needs.
  • It is easy to continue undergraduate and graduate programs after language education in America.
  • America is one of the world's leading countries in industry and technology.
  • Melting a wide variety of cultures in its melting pot, the United States of America has cultural richness with its foreign population of more than 20 million.
  • Students who want to study language in America will not encounter any difficulties in terms of accommodation options.

One of the most important issues when studying language in America is deciding which program to study. If you want to complete your education in a short time with an intensive program, you can choose intensive programs with 25 or 30 lesson hours per week. However, if you have enough time for education and want to take your education gradually over a longer period of time, you can choose programs consisting of 15 or 20 lesson hours per week.
In addition to the programs mentioned above, offered by language schools; Different programs such as English for exams, Business English, and English on holiday can also be chosen. The programs generally offered at language schools in America are listed below;

  • General English
  • Intensive or Super Intensive English
  • English on holiday
  • Business English
  • Academic English
  • Legal English
  • Medical English
  • TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE Preparation Courses
  • Verbatim English
  • Applied English

America LIFE IN

  • 01. Accomodation

  • 02. Visa Process

  • 03. Welcome

  • 04. Social Life

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  • Accomodation

    Accommodation opportunities for students studying language in America are usually arranged by the language schools where they study. Accommodation departments organize students' accommodation. Accommodation options and prices may vary depending on the schools' facilities and location.

    Homestay: Offers the opportunity to live with an American family. You can have the opportunity to practice speaking English with the family. Generally, a single room and breakfast and dinner are offered. The house you stay in may be a little far from the city center.

    Student Dormitories: It is an option where you can stay alone or with several students. There is a common kitchen and you can cook with students from different cultures. Dormitories are usually in the city center.

    Student Houses: These are apartments that can accommodate several students. You can cook in the kitchen and spend time with your student friends. They can be found in or near the city centre.

  • Visa Process

    An F-1 Student Visa is required to study in the United States. Students must meet with visa officers at American consulates by appointment. Visa procedures are carried out with the I-20 document obtained from the language school and the SEVIS system. Visa duration may vary between 3 months and 5 years depending on the duration of education and economic situation.

    A B1/B2 Tourist Visa can be used for short-term English language schools, but no study or work permits are issued. The consular fee fee for the F-1 student visa and the B1/B2 Tourist Visa is the same.

  • Welcome

    If you requested airport pick-up during your school registration process, we organize your airport transfer through the school you will attend. Officials from the school will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation.

  • Social Life

    Although living in America offers many advantages, it also brings challenges such as the high cost of living and expensive healthcare. American food culture is practical and fast, fast food options are quite common. While studying in America, you may have the opportunity to visit world-famous places. Places such as Beverly Hills, Universal Studios and Hollywood Walk of Fame are America's tourist attractions. Studying a language in America can be one of the most different experiences in your life.

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