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Austria is a great option for those who want to learn German. The official language of the country is German, and language schools in cities such as Vienna offer quality education opportunities. Additionally, Austria's rich cultural environment offers students a unique experience.


By studying language in Austria, you can have the opportunity to both learn German and discover the rich culture of the country.

Program and Country Selection

Austrian language schools stand out as a unique alternative for those who want to learn German. Austria, known for its level of prosperity, the architecture of its cities, natural beauties and the scientific studies of its universities, also creates a quality route with its professional language teaching techniques for anyone who wants to study German. Language schools, especially concentrated in Vienna, the capital of the country, have become one of the alternatives preferred by those who want to learn German today.

There are many different reasons why Austria is preferred for German language education. The leading factor among these reasons is that the official language of the country is German. It is known that in Austria, where the official language is German, although there is an ethnically cosmopolitan structure, almost the entire population speaks German and this language is dominant in daily life. Other issues that attract the attention of those who want to study language in Austria are the feeling of historical textures in all streets and the architecture of buildings in all cities, especially in Vienna, the high level of accommodation and social facilities, the existence of a multicultural social structure and the dazzling natural beauties. .

Austrian language schools offer many types of programs depending on the program you prefer. Programs include courses such as general German, business German and exam German. The duration of the training varies depending on the program you choose. You can receive one-on-one, general or intensive training depending on the program you prefer. First of all, if you determine your purpose of language education, you can easily choose the most suitable program. Austrian language schools sometimes organize social activities for their students outside the language program and thus provide an area where you can practice the language. Schools providing German language education in Austria offer the following programs:

General German
The four main elements of language are; This course, which is basic German education covering reading, writing, listening and speaking, has a program that varies between approximately 20 and 25 lessons on weekdays.

Intensive German
Unlike general German education, it is a course program given intensively in classrooms over 25 lessons per week.

Business German
Business German is a program that responds to the desire to communicate comfortably in German in the business world, with business partnerships, and to follow the developments in the sector closely. The course program varies between 20-35 lessons per week.
Austria, whose official and native language is German, is shown as the closest alternative to Germany to learn German. Thanks to the training you will receive in the program suitable for you, you will learn German and help you use the language most effectively in business and social areas.

Austria LIFE IN

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  • Accomodation

    Students can choose accommodation type in Austria according to their personal needs and budget. Homestay: Provides continuation of German education and offers the student the opportunity to practice. Homestay accommodation can be in single or double rooms, full or half board, depending on the student's preference.

    Student dormitory: Some schools have their own student dormitories. Student dormitories generally have study and recreation rooms, telephones, televisions, libraries, computer rooms and gyms. Food is generally not provided in student dormitories, but some dormitories have kitchens available for student use.
    Flat rental: This accommodation option is an economical option for students as it allows the same flat to be shared by several students. Flats can be furnished or unfurnished.

  • Visa Process

    Austria is a member of the European Union as it is located in the Schengen visa area. People who will go to Austria for language education must obtain a Schengen visa. Those who have a green passport can receive language school education without obtaining a visa for up to 90 days. For visa applications, the necessary documents must be prepared completely and an application must be made to VFS Global, the representative of the Austrian Consulate. Students must apply for a visa called Aufenhaltserlaubnis für Studierende. Health insurance is also required for visa application and is also important for one's health and possible risks. If these conditions are observed, positive results can be obtained for the Austrian language education visa.

  • Welcome

    If you requested airport pick-up during your school registration process, we organize your airport transfer through the school you will attend. Officials from the school will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation.
    We offer a quality and free service.

  • Life Quality

    Austria is one of the leading countries in Europe and is developed in the fields of education, industry and technology. Its capital, Vienna, stands out with its rich culture and art and is the most populous city in the country. Austria has the most forest area among the European Union countries. Other important cities of the country include Salzburg, Graz and Linz. Vienna has hosted many famous artists and great names such as Vivaldi, Haydn and Mozart come from here. Austria is a cultural center for language education and hosts cultural events. It hosts concerts and shows of famous artists and offers music feasts with its world-famous orchestras. It also offers ample opportunities for sporting events and is especially famous for winter sports. It is also an important country in terms of tourism.

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