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What are the aims of accreditation?

  • To determine system course and faculty standards and increase the reliability of reports.
  • To facilitate international education and service.
  • To make qualification standardization transparent for students who will receive service.
  • To create a conformity assessment infrastructure.

What are the benefits of accreditation?

  • Controlling and supporting staff participation and quality level,
  • Improving communication among staff,
  • Students who receive services get to know the institution they study at and learn about the service quality.
  • Targeting accreditation for the development and progress of educational activities,
  • Ensuring documentation of business policies,
  • Creating a mechanism to evaluate the institution,
  • Official recognition of organizations that provide good service,
  • Increasing proficiency in studies.

IPAC(International Psychology Accreditation Community)

  • ​IPAC is a global quality standard for psychologists and provides professional accreditation to psychologists who meet this standard.
  • IPAC was established by the International Psychological Association in 2010 and has been implemented in many countries since 2011.
  • All countries that are members of the United Nations can participate in IPAC.
  • IPAC certification is awarded to psychologists and institutions that meet established standards regarding psychology education and professional requirements.
  • IPAC provides guidance by evaluating the professional competence of the institutions where psychologists will receive training.

What does IPAC do?

  • IPAC informs client institutions and psychologists applying for accreditation about their professional competence and ethical commitments.
  • IPAC supports the quality of institutions and psychologists providing psychology education.
  • IPAC provides guidance to institutions training psychologists for basic training and advanced professional development.

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Why is IPAC Necessary?

The main objectives of IPAC are;


IPAC Certificate and Accreditation Certificate

IPAC certificate is given to psychology professionals and accreditation certificate is given to institutions that provide online or formal psychology education.

IPAC–Basic Certificate and Accreditation

Since psychological science and education include very different and differentiated specializations and theories, and psychologists practice their profession in very different contexts, the IPAC - Basic level certificate and accreditation document specifies the standards required for psychologists to practice their profession independently at a basic level. This standard generally corresponds to a master's level education. At this level, the specific practice contexts in which psychologists practice their profession are taken into account and it is evaluated whether they are competent in professional practice in this context.

IPAC Expert Psychologist Certificate

This certificate has been developed to demonstrate advanced competence and expertise in areas that require more expertise, such as psychotherapy, organizational psychology, and educational psychology. Psychologists can qualify as experts after completing additional specialized training and supervised specialist practice upon undergraduate education. The areas of expertise currently identified by IPAC are as follows.

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